Nice Trust embarks on peace building campaign

As one way of preparing people for the outcome of the election case, Nice Trust is sensitizing community leaders, political party leaders and different stakeholders on how best they can resolve disputes peacefully.

Speaking at a workshop in Zomba, National programs manager for NICE Trust Gray Kalindekafe, said after the May 21 elections, the country has registered a series cases of violence and lawlessness, hence the meetings which he hopes will help communities to understand their rights and responsibilities.

“A remedy to some of these political disputes or electro related violence we need electro reforms which could help to reduce this violence.

“Introducing civic education programs targeting political parties to enhance both intra and inter party democracy and peace building campaigns,” he said.

He further said political leaders have powers to prepare their follower’s to accept the outcome of the presidential election case.

On his part UTM eastern regional director for youth Henderson Waya said this is a good move as it will bring tolerance among them regardless of party difference.

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