Malawi on track in reducing HIV stigma

Malawi National Aids Society (MANASO) says the reduction of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS can be attributed to the enactment of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management Act of 2018.

Chairperson for MANASO Maziko Matemba told YFM that the interactions between key populations have also assisted in the reduction of stigma because they discuss HIV related issues.

“As a country we have made strides in reducing stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS even though there are more efforts needed to get to zero.”

Meanwhile, a health rights activist has commended government and development partners for implementing various programs to help curb HIV/AIDs and reduce stigma against people living with disease.

Ngoma also spoke about the Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV(PMTCT) program and the HIV self testing initiative as some of the programs that have assisted in reducing stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS because people utilize these procedures to know their status and get treatment if required.

December is HIV/AIDS awareness month where organizations educate the masses on HIV related issues and try to reduce stigma and help those living with it.

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