Youths venture into drinks business amid job crisis

Two young entrepreneurs who established their business six months ago are already harboring big plans for youth employment and support of local fruit farmers.

The entrepreneurs are producing drinks made from fruits otherwise known as smoothies and infusions.

Their brand name is Vipaso and the founders are Lomuthando Nthakomwa and Chisomo Masambuka.

The two are currently plying trade in the capital Lilongwe.

Speaking to YFM Masambuka said their goal is to enhance value addition to fruits by making their non alcoholic infusions and smoothies but at the same time promoting local fruit farmers.

VIPASO makes smoothies from fruits such as lemons, rosella and ginger plant among others.

“We would like to be producing not only fruits but also vegetables in the next years to come”, said Masambuka.

“We also yearn to invest in smallholder farmers so that they will be our direct value chain for different products.”

Masambuka hinted that franchising to other districts is among their plans.

Speaking on the youth employment part Nthakomwa said they hired two students from the Malawi Institute of Tourism but they are hoping to recruit more people when the business thrives.

She has since advised young people to dream big, apply for grants, pitch their ideas because everyone starts from somewhere”.

Masambuka, 26, is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication and is currently pursuing his Masters in theology.

21 year-old Nthakomwa on the other hand just graduated this year with a Bachelor’s Degree in political leadership.

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