Heavy rains cause havoc in Zomba

Group Village Headman (GVH) Gwaza from the area of Traditional Authority Mlumbe in Zomba district has pleaded for assistance from the government and other organizations after heavy rains destroyed houses and property in the area leaving a number of families destitute.

The traditional leader, whose real name is Shelifu Budala said the incident took place on December 25 when the heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds destroyed about 12 houses, two churches and food items in the villages of Waliyala and Gwaza.

He said the rains which started at around 2pm, also uprooted trees.

GVH Gwaza said: “About five houses have been destroyed in Waliyala village while eight houses and two churches have been destroyed here in Gwaza village and the incident has led to the loss of household items including food.”

However he said no person has been reported injured or dead due to the incident.

Meanwhile, the Civil Protection Committee (CPC) from the area is assessing the gravity of the damage and will come up with the report soon.

GVH Gwaza, who looks after 22 village heads, also disclosed that most villages in his area are at risk of hunger due to a dry spell which has hit the area.

“Since the farming season began we haven’t received enough rains and the crops that were planted have dried up bringing great fear of acute hunger in my area,” he bemoaned.

A recent visit by YFM in some areas under GVH Gwaza revealed that some have not yet planted their crops while those who planted have completely lost them due to lack of rains.

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