Government to act on cyberbullies

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has reiterated that the law will take its course on cybercriminals who instigate online violence especially to children.

The line Minister, Mark Botomani who is also the government’s spokesperson, was commenting on how the malpractice continues to affect child development in the country.

In an interview with YFM online, Botomani said many children fall prey of online violence as they are mostly defenseless which leaves them traumatized and emotionally abused.

“Children fail to defend themselves most of the times and in other instances they are threatened by the cyberbullies and forced to do what they do not want,” he said.

Botomani further said it is high time government start to take necessary and serious actions on the offenders in a quest to deal with the tendency.

“We have the laws that govern us such as the E- transaction Act, and be lest assured that the law will always take its course on the offenders once they found,” he added.

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