Masambuka murder trial: Court asked to intervene on interference

Malawi Legal Aid Bureau has asked the High Court to intervene on the suspicious conduct by some unknown people who are meeting privately with suspects in the ongoing MacDonald Masambuka murder case.

Malawi Legal Aid Bureau Director Masauko Chamkakala made the application on Thursday when it was discovered that there was a well signed application to the court that one of the suspects wanted to change his lawyer.

Chamkakala said the conduct may jeopardize the case which resumed on Tuesday this week.

However, the suspect in question, Innocent Wallas, expressed ignorance on the application.

The mentioned lawyer, Fostino Mayere when called by the prosecuting lawyers, refused to have ever been contacted by any person on the matter.

This forced the presiding judge, Nyakawunda Kamanga to temporarily adjourn the case for 30 minutes to allow Malawi Legal Aid Bureau lawyers to discuss with the suspect if they would represent him as the mentioned lawyer distanced himself from the communication.

The Malawi Legal Aid Bureau, a government department, is representing some of the suspects in Masambuka murder case.

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