Govt appeals for vigilance in tackling child sexual exploitation

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has encouraged people to report cases of Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT).

The ministry made the appeal through its Director of Tourism Isaac Katopola who told YFM that the ministry has not yet received any cases of this nature.

“No case has been bought to our attention it is important for people to report especially if they take place in the accommodation unit.”

The Director of Tourism also told tourism operators to be alert on this matter and follow ethics so that there should be no room for SECTT.

Katopola however warned perpetrators of violence against children in the tourism sector that they will face the law if found.

“Sexual exploitation of children is against Malawi’s laws and the Tourism and hotels act and perpetrators must be punished.”

He also feels it is important for players in the tourism sector and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness on SECTT so that children can be protected.

He hinted on governments plans to review the tourism law which will accord them an opportunity to tighten provisions of the law that carter for children.

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