Analyst justifies Malawians jubilation on ConCourt ruling

A political scientist Victor Chipofya has validated the celebration of Malawians who are saying the con court ruling signifies a new dawn for Malawi.

Chipofya was responding to the sentiments made by minister of information Mark Botomani that there has always been a new dawn in Malawi.

Botomani who is also governments spokesman claimed on Tuesday claimed that the constitutional courts invalidation of 2019’s presidential election is a demonstration that democracy is at work in the country.

He was asked on BBC’s focus on Africa if he shared sentiments by Malawians that the nullification of the presidential results was a new dawn for democracy in   Malawi.

“Democracy has always thrived in this country, we attained it in 1993 when we voted in the referendum and in 1994 we voted for multiparty so democracy has always found a place in this country, so to say that this is a new dawn we have always had a new dawn in this country but maybe this is just one of the processes that strengthens our democracy,” said Botomani.

Reacting to the sentiments Chipofya said the government’s spokesman should understand that after every electoral dispute that we have had in the past has never been resolved to this extent.

“Why there is a huge celebration now is because Malawians have seen justice prevail on an electoral dispute that has been challenged.”

“We have never seen the rule of law as we have seen now to say that judges were refusing to take bribes given in order to influence the court’s decision this show that our democracy is maturing  and the rule of law is being abided by,” Chipofya added.

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