Parents challenged to safeguard their children

One of the child rights campaigners in the country has challenged parents and guardians to take full responsibility of their children.

Esmie Tembenu said this following the increase in number of children found roaming aimlessly in the streets after  being deserted by their parents.

Speaking to YFM, Tembenu said parents need to understand that abandoning children is a crime and that the law always takes its course once brought to book.

“It is very shocking to see how parents desert their children for no proper reason. Other parents have all the potential to take proper care of their children and give them a better life but they do not do so because of mere negligence,” said Tembenu.

“It is so unfortunate for children to be left without proper care, because will hinge back on the country in the hardest way in the near future,” she added.

Tembenu has since asked law enforcers not to relent but rather allow the law to take its course on all perpetrators and they should always be brought to book.

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