SMEs certification procedures not right-MBS

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has faulted the procedures used by some Small and Medium Enterprises-SME’s in applying for certification of their products. 

The sentiment follows complaints by the SME’s that the bureau delays in certifying most products which affects the competitiveness on the market.

Speaking to YFM, MBS’s Director Symon Mandala said there is more to product certification besides meeting the standardization requirement.

Mandala said the entry point by most SME’s is not procedural which compromises the whole certification process.

“When certifying products, we don’t just look at meeting the requirements, but also the site of production which is a big challenge,” he said.

Mandala added: “We conduct site surveys of various products and when recommendations have been for instance asking the entrepreneurs to change their production site, they hardly respond but rather re apply, which really is a separate task on its own.”

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