Chisomo Children’s Club band to benefit from Valentine`s Day

B y Sarah Mlozoa

In an effort to boost music career in children Simeon Mwale also known as Simmy Stings is launching an album titled “Hold my hand” on February 14, 2020 to raise funds for the purchase of musical instruments for Chisomo Children’s Club band.

Speaking to YFM, Simeon Mwale said he came up with the initiative after realizing that the band stopped its operations due to lack of resources.

“For the past months I did not hear anything from them so I had to ask from the club on the progress of the group that’s when they revealed to me that they lack some necessities.”

Mwale said some of the instruments that will be bought are recorders and pianos.

He further promised to equip the children with musical skills.

“I will also be responsible in teaching and providing guidance through the classes that I will introduce to the club,” he said.

The launch will take place at Jacaranda cultural center in Blantyre.

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