APAM calls for government’s action on continued attacks

By Praise Ujani

The Association of Persons with albinism (APAM) has told government to provide tangible solutions on issues to do with security of persons with albinism rather than “just making irrelevant statements”.

APAM president Ian Simbota said this following a statement issued by government which criticized the attack of a 92 year old woman with albinism, Tafwauli Ngoma who was chopped off her two toes on Saturday in Mzimba.

On February 16, Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communication Technology, Mark Bottomani, issued a press statement condemning the attack.

Simbota said: “People who are killing us, chopping off our body parts do not give us warnings or statements, so I’m failing to understand why a dynamic leadership still fails to protect its citizens, in fact if the Minister had nothing to say he should have kept quiet because his statement is irrelevant.”

He further advised government to intervene swiftly as the country is also approaching towards fresh presidential election period since United Nation’s report revealed that the period is also associated with the attacks on persons with albinism.

In addition, APAM leader condemned government for the delay in releasing findings of an enquiry into the probing of killings, abductions and attacks of persons with albinism.

President Peter Mutharika set up a commission of enquiry in 2019 to probe into the matter after 24 persons with albinism were killed and over 160 attacked.

In a recent incident, the victim was attacked when she was making fire in her kitchen at around 5pm at Kapopo Mhlango Village, in the area of Traditional Authority Mbelwa.

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