APAM calls for swift review of Trafficking in Persons Act

The Association of Persons with Abinism in Malawi (APAM), has asked government to push for the review of Trafficking in Persons Act so that it can be effective in criminalizing the trafficking of body tissues.

Trafficking in Persons Act (No. 3 of 2015), provides for the prevention and elimination of trafficking in persons.

Speaking to YFM, APAM’s National Coordinator, Overstone Kondowe, said the current Act emphasizes only on trafficking of human beings but it does not extend to criminalize the trafficking of body tissues which has greatly affected people with albinism in the country.

Kiondowe said: “This Act came about during the time when we were dealing with child labour and child migration but it did not take into consideration that there would be crimes where people will be trafficking tissues of human beings which is common now in Malawi.”

He therefore expressed the need to review the Act for it to encompass the criminalization of those involved in body parts trafficking.

On the other hand, Kondowe has pleaded with the authorities to step up security measures as the country approaches fresh presidential elections.

He said this in reference to the findings by Ikponwosa Ero, who is the United Nations’ (UN) first human rights expert on Albinism, who was quoted by Reuters in 2015 as saying some politicians in Africa use body parts of people with albinism as charms to widen their chances of winning elections.

However, commenting on the allegation, National Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera, said as police they have no proof of the connection between the elections and the attacks on persons with albinism.
Kadadzera however has assured all persons with albinism of their security all the time.

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