PAC’s inquiry report on commissioners submitted to Mutharika

The Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament has submitted to President Peter Mutharika an inquiry report on the competency of Commissioners of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in handling elections.

Addressing a news conference at Parliament Building in Lilongwe on Thursday, PAC Chairperson, Collins Kajawa, said the Committee has complied with the court order by completing the inquiry in the prescribed time.

He further said the substantive issues of the enquiry were concluded on February 18 and the report was finalized on the same day before submitting it to the state president 24 hours letter.

Said Kajawa: “Right now the report is with the state president but no time frame has been attached to it because we expect him to be a front runner in respecting the rule of law and we anticipate him to attend the matter and revert to us in time.”

He added that PAC is expecting the President to carefully look at the recommendations and act on them swiftly.

After the President approves the recommendations the political parties shall be accorded a chance to identify their names of choice to be appointed commissioners of MEC and they will be forwarded for approval.

During the week, PAC recommended the firing of MEC commissioners following its inquiry conducted since last week.

However, PAC’s recommendation is subject to the approval of Mutharika as the appointing authority of the commissioners.

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