Malawi energy situation needs to change

A social commentator Lucky Mbewe has bewailed that Malawi will continue to experience social economic challenges if it does not explore alternative sources of energy.

In Mbewe’s view Malawi has been heavily relying on hydroelectric power which has for a long time proven to be a failure.

Mbewe said the country can explore coal energy or solar energy just to mention a few.

“We have relied on hydro power for a very long time and it has actually proved to be a failure in the social economic development aspects.”

“It is time for our country to think about exploring other alternatives in order for us to match the global development trends, the world is fast developing and any mistake to lag behind is regrettable.”

He cited countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe that have demonstrated the use of coal or solar power as alternative sources of energy.

He also faulted government for not supporting youths who have come up with innovative ideas on energy saying if the country was to capitalize on them things would have changed.

“We have youths with brilliant ideas and skills and have initiated their own power generation mechanisms but they are not exposed or supported in anyway so this is unfortunate and something needs to be done.”

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