Firm decries inability to commercialize farming

By Mabuchi Chunga

Synthesis Agriculture, a horticulture firm has bemoaned the country’s inability to view farming as a business thereby impacting negatively on the agricultural sector.

Synthesis Agriculture Executive Director Dickson Kilowe said people fail to invest in agriculture due to the mindset that farming is outdated or something that is done in the villages.

Kilowe said that people fail to commercialize agriculture hence very few people use mechanized methods of farming.

He attributed this to the mindset of many Malawians who do not regard farming as a business.

“The mindset that agriculture cannot be treated as a commercial entity is what is hindering the growth of commercial farming in the country,” said Kilowe.

Kilowe went on to urge the country to make use of the knowledge that is gained in schools to practical use by using agriculture as a means of employment and permanent work.

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