Chreaa bemoans prison congestion

Centre for Human Rights, Education, Advice and Assistance (Chreaa) has attributed the rising congestion in Malawi’s prisons to lack of political will.

Chreaa’s Executive Director Victor Mhango said congestion in prisons remains a big issue but government seems not to be acting swiftly on the matter.

Chreaa and other quarters of the society have for a long time been lobbying for change in prisoners welfare.

Mhango also said the organisation it is yet to appreciate the effectiveness of the Electronic Case Management System which was introduced in 2016.

He said if the system was working effectively then most cases should have been concluded by now.

Mhango cited some people who have been on remand or bail for a number of years awaiting justice.

Mhango however said the E-justice system was a good concept and would have assisted a lot if it was implemented effectively.

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