International Women’s Day a time of reflection

Malawian women making a difference in society expressed mixed views on this year’s International Women’s Day.

Each for equal, was the theme for this year’s IWD which is commemorated on 8 March every year.

Speaking to YFM Young Feminists Network president Ulemu Kanyongolo said Malawi has some good gender laws but there are some social cultural barriers affecting the implementation of the laws.

“We have made some strides on paper but we need to focus on dealing with the barriers that are stalling progress,” she said.

Kanyongolo also noted that more young people are getting involved in the fight for gender equality.

The theme for IWD this year has also excited the managing director of Kombeza Foods, Mdingase Tewete, who owns a homegrown company which produces yoghurt.

Tewete said the theme is reassuring because it will remind women of their capabilities.

“Women have been discouraged to take on certain tasks for a long time but, women have to know that they are capable and no one should look down on them.”

An eminent politician Juliana Lunguzi feels that education is a weapon which can empower women to make a difference.

“Women should focus on getting educated and opportunities will come from there.”

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