Activist calls for safety measures on industrial hemp

By Mabuchi Chunga

A child rights activist has asked government to holistically consider safety measures on the youth before implementing the law legalizing industrial hemp.

MacBain Mkandawire who is also Executive Director of Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) made the call when commenting on the legalization of industrial hemp in the country.

Mkandawire said while the country is focusing on the economic advantage there is also need to ensure that safety measures are put in place to avoid abuse of the same.

“If we are honest with each other, we will put in place safeguarding mechanisms to make sure that the harm is not being done by the cultivation of industrial hemp,” he said.

While not arguing against the legalization, Mkandawire said it is important to look at the future outcome of the law and he asked people to sit back and listen to the voice of reason which is mostly neglected when there is talk of money.

Mkandawire said: “Unfortunately when there is talk of money the voice of reason does not count.”

On Thursday 27 February 2020, parliament passed a bill which decriminalizes cultivation, use and trade of medicinal hemp which has been the bone of contention in the country for some time now.

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