Coal Tracker asks governments to stop using coal as energy source

The government of Malawi faces a tough decision on whether it should continue with the plans to set up a coal-fired plant at Kam’mwamba in Neno district.

This follows a report by a British think tank Coal Tracker which is calling on governments to put a stop to the use of coal as an energy source because it is damaging to the environment.

Speaking to YONECO FM online, an environmental advocate Matthews Malata said, Malawi needs to stick to the green commitments it signed and weigh the impact which coal emissions will have in our country.

The report by Coal Tracker has emphasized that building new renewables is cheaper than building new coal power plants.

It has since asked governments to put in place policies that will support new renewables and cancel projects on coal in order for them to save money.

Matthews Malata an environmental advocate feels that Malawi has a tough decision to make because its manufacturing industry is highly hit by power problems which in turn affect the country’s economic development.

The Kammwamba coal fired power project is expected to generate 1000 mw and help the country graduate from it’s over reliance on hydro electoral power.

However in the wake of such reports the country’s authorities will have to decide what is best for Malawi.

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