MEC keeps election case expenditures under wraps

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has shot down a request by Youth and Society (YAS) to provide expenditure information on the electoral case.

In a statement, Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika said the body is not obliged to give out the information because the commission is not obliged in any way to give out such information.

Just a couple of weeks after court’s ruling on presidential election case on February 3 this year, Youth and Society- YAS wrote Malawi electoral Commission asking for the information on how much money the commission spent on the presidential election case especially on private legal services, administrative costs and cost associated the case.

Alfandika said the body will not do as requested because the commission is an independent body and reports directly to the president.

“That Information YAS has asked for will be covered and audited under financial year ending June 30, 2020. Costs awarding other parties in the election case are yet to be agreed and assessed by the High Court registrar,” he said.

Meanwhile, MEC has announced that it has started preparations of the fresh presidential polls.

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