Tobacco Commission upscales sensitization on Tobacco Act

By Mabuchi Chunga

Tobacco Commission (TC) says it has commenced sensitization campaigns through various media platforms on the new Tobacco Act. 

Corporate Planning and Development Manager for TC Hellings Nasoni said the initiative has been set up to make sure the correct information is in public domain but also a means of getting feedback from communities.

Nasoni said: “As a commission we are going around through various media platforms trying to sensitize farmers on the provisions of the new laws so they can give feedback on the laws.”

He said there is good progress being made because through the radio programs that are taking place people are asking relevant questions.

“In general we are receiving good positive feedback which is giving us confidence that the level of understanding on the new laws is taking a positive direction.”

There have been several issues that have risen since the inception of the new tobacco Act which was implemented later in 2019 mostly from farmers due to the knowledge gap.

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