Gender activist faults Mutharika on new cabinet

A renowned gender rights activist in the country has faulted President Peter Mutharika for failing to have an equal representation of men and women in his cabinet.

The cabinet which was released on Thursday has seven women out of the 32 cabinet seats.

Speaking to YFM Emily Mkamanga said Mutharika has failed to promote the gender equality initiative despite himself being the He for She Champion which is an indication that he does not recognize the effort and impact that women have.

“We have been lobbying for a 50:50 representation of women and men at various levels including decision making positions, but our president seems not to have interest in this initiative,” she said.

“As a He for She Champion he was supposed to be on the forefront of promoting this initiative, but it is clear now that he just want to satisfy a group of individuals, he has no interest on issues of promoting women.”

The seven women cabinet ministers and deputies are Mary Navicha as the Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Grace Kwelepete Deputy Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welafre, Grezelder Jeffrey Deputy Minister of Local government and Rural Development, Esther Majaza deputy Minister of Irrigation and Water Development, Lilian Patel as the Minister of Labour, Skills and Innovation and Martha Chiuluntha as the Deputy Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture.

In the previous cabinet, five seats were occupied by women out of the 22 seats.

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