Government irked by journalist’s assault

Minister of Information has issued a stern warning to perpetrators of violence against journalists in the country.

The line minister Mark Botomani told YONECO FM that government is concerned with the increased attacks on journalists because they are crucial people in dissemination of information to the general public.

Botomani said journalists should be able to access information freely and no one has the right to violate them.

“Let me clearly state here that the media is the fourth arm of government and they play a pivotal role in informing the public on what is happening in the country.”

Nonetheless the minister has appealed to media houses to provide regalia that helps to distinguish journalists from all other people he further called on journalists to dress presentably in order to avoid assaults.

“My plea to media houses is that they should provide items that will make the journalists easily identifiable but I should also ask journalists to dress decently when they’re in line of duty this will prevent harm.”

Recently, the media institute MISA Malawi penned the country’s President Peter Mutharika to publicly denounce acts of violence, assault and intimidation of journalists and send a clear message to would be perpetrators.

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