Minister laughs off election rigging allegations

By Praise Ujani

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has dismissed allegations by youth members from the coalition of Malawi Congress (MCP) and UTM parties who alleged that they have uncovered evidence that the ministry has organized meetings with school head teachers across the country as part of the Democratic progressive party’s (DPP) plan to rig the fresh presidential elections.

The allegations were made on Tuesday in Lilongwe during a press briefing organized by the grouping and was led by MCP technology expert, Daud Suleman.

Following the allegations, the responsible minister, Dr Susuwele Banda, admitted that his ministry is conducting meetings with the secondary school head teachers but was quick to point out that the initiative is aimed at training them on how best they can handle insubordination in their respective institutions.

The minister said: “My ministry has organized meeting with the head teachers across the country and this follows after noticing that most students are misbehaving through riots that usually lead to vandalism of school properties, therefore the initiative has nothing to do with the elections.”

He further said the meetings that have started on April 1, in Zomba district, will run until April 22 across the country.

Among others, the head teachers are being equipped with leadership skills to manage students properly.

During the presser the young politicians, emphasized that the DPP officials, through education ministry, are in the process of conniving with the head teachers to rig the fresh presidential elections slated for July 2.

The allegations were contained in a letter read during the presser and was addressed to the Mutharika.

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