Analyst bemoans rise in mob justice cases

By Sara Mlozoa

One of the social commentators in the country, Lucky Mbewe, has appealed to government and law enforcers to intensify civic education among communities as one way of preventing the current rise of mob justice cases in most parts of the country.

The remarks have been made following reports that Kasungu district has recently registered an increase of such cases where five people have been killed for being suspected to be blood suckers.

Currently, Kasungu police have arrested 12 people in connection to the same.

Mbewe said: “We have to acknowledge that the country is passing through a situation whereby many of its citizens have lost morals may be because of the current political impulse and this has led to any stranger being labeled as an enemy.”

He condemned such malpractices of attacking strangers saying some of the victims are assigned to those areas to execute development duties.

He further said if the current challenges are not addressed once and for all then they will negatively affect the development activities.

Mbewe, therefore, asked the law enforcers to go beyond acting when the mob justice has occurred, but they must also engage the communities and sensitise them on evils of such malpractices.

Recently some human rights activists and opposition political parties have claimed that many people in the country have lost trust in police service and this has fueled them to be taking the law into their own hands.

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