Parliament tracks police spending

The Budget and Finance Committee of parliament says it is keeping an eye on how the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is spending its mid-year budget allocation as the country goes into the fresh presidential election.  

This comes after MPS, which was allocated a surplus of K22 billion in the recently approved mid-year budget review, told the committee that it procured protective equipment amid the ongoing social instability that the country has been experiencing.

Chairperson of the committee, Sosten Gwengwe, told YFM Online that Malawians are expecting to see change in the law enforcers whenever they are discharging their duties more especially when assigned to bring order during fracas.

Gwengwe said: “What Malawians expect from the police is a change on how they conduct themselves in time of discharging their duties especially when they are supposed to bring order.”

He further said Malawians are anticipating to see an improvement from the law enforcing body since they are using tax payer’s money.

And on his part, MPS acting Inspector General, Duncan Mwapasa, said they were forced to procure extra protective equipment due to rising cases of political instability that the nation has been experiencing after the May 21 tripartite polls.

“This year has been a challenge on our part because of the aftermath of the tripartite elections,” said Mwapasa.

In recent months, the country has been experiencing a number of protests and different stakeholders have been pointing fingers at MPS for acting unprofessionally and fail to contain such situations.

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