Malawian joins COVID-19 fight through mask production

A Malawian engineer and lecturer from the constituent college of Polytechnic, Mayamiko Nkoloma, has embarked in the production of reusable 3D printed face masks to help ease the shortage of protective gear for health workers in the country.

Nkoloma broke the news to YFM online in an interview saying he has no intention to sale the masks but rather assist government in fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

He said now a week has passed since he started the initiative and he is working closely with medical doctors who are giving him feedback on the product.

Nkoloma said: “I started making the product last week after realizing that the product is currently on high demand not only in Malawi but also in oversees.”

However he pointed out that he is waiting for the Ministry of Health and Pharmacy and Poisons Board to certify the product before it is distributed.

“The product has to go through various processes and certified before being distributed to ensure that it will not cause any problems to humans.”

Healthy workers are currently said to be at risk of the COVID-19 outbreak as the country is feared to have inadequacy safety equipment.

In a related development the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has invented an automatic water and soap dispenser as a safety measure to fight the pandemic.

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