Govt bans timber harvesting along Zombas’ Mulunguzi Dam

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment has banned the harvesting of pine trees along Mulunguzi Dam at Zomba Plateau in order to conserve the water.

Deputy Minister Welani Chilenga made the order when he toured Zomba Plateau, where among others he discovered how the careless cutting of trees has affected activities at the site.

Chilenga said the ban is a conservative measure to ensure that the dam, which supplies water to all residents of Zomba, does not dry up.

“The people of Zomba could face catastrophic impacts if the dam dries up which might not be easily dealt with,” he said.

Chilenga further called upon the management of the Zomba Plantation to work together with the ministry by among other things sharing their plans on activities happening at the site.

He noted with concern the increased tendency of careless cutting down of trees in the plateau as a result of absence of security guards.

Chilenga said the development has disturbed various activities, contributed to the climate change and disrupted the ecosystem.

He however made an assurance that his ministry will ensure that more security personnel are recruited and deployed around the plateau as a security measure.

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