Network bemoans lack of resources for sexual assault awareness campaign

Young Feminist Network (YFN) has highlighted lack of resources as one of the challenges preventing the organization to reach out to rural communities with Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) events and actions.

Speaking to YFM, Founder for YFN, Ulemu Kanyongolo said due to coronavirus the organization has opted for digital platforms in commemorating the annual campaign which runs in April.

“As YFN, we suspended all the physical meetings due to coronavirus that is why we are just using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to raise the awareness.”

“Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to use other mediums like radio in order to reach the messages to those who do not have access to internet like rural areas,” Kanyongolo explained.

Kanyongolo has also highlighted the need for the country to implement various laws to curb sexual assault where women and girls are usually victims.

This year’s SAAM theme is ‘I Ask’, because asking for consent is a healthy, normal, and natural part of every sexual encounter.

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