Analyst faults government on spending

Renowned social analyst, Lucky Mbewe, says government’s reckless expenditure has the potential of scaring away development partners in the country.

Mbewe made the remarks following the recent development where the minister of information and civic education, Mark Botomani and minister of health Jappie Mhango were captured on camera discussing on how to hide figures of hefty allowances for coronavirus pandemic assignments.

He described the development as sad and unfortunate saying currently government has a deficit of K138 billion in its national preparedness and response plan to the novel covid-19.

“One would not be encouraged to pump in more money when the little money raised so far, is abused and swindled as openly noted by the video clip going around in various social media platforms.”

“To make matters worse, the front liners are only getting peanuts which is so unfortunate,” he explains.

The commentator has therefore joined quarters in calling for the ministers dismissal.

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