Unity key in combating Covid-19, experts say

Health officials in Blantyre convened at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital on Thursday for a solidarity stand on Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to YONECO FM online Director of Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust said they are working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, College of Medicine, Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH).

According to Dr Stephen Gordon, MLW received a grant to the tune of to 2 million pounds from the Wellcome Trust to assist in the fight against the pandemic.

“We thought it was very important to establish diagnostics and on this we are working with COM.”

“The ministry of health has a wonderful plan to bring oxygen plants to QECH  but it needed assistance to help that plan move so we have been proud to partner with QECH director and MOH to help the oxygen plan,” he added.

Gordon therefore emphasized on the need for stakeholders to collaborate, get the message to the population and produce a good response on this pandemic.

Meanwhile, QECH Director, Dr Samson Mndolo, has revealed that health workers at the hospital, Blantyre DHO and MLW will be holding solidarity stands every Friday.

“We realise that if we are to win this fight unity is very key, we want to showcase to the world that if all stakeholder join hands this is possible.”

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