Mphande rises with new book

Malawians are capitalising on telling life changing stories happening in their native country with the latest being a youthful writer, Pemphero Mphande.

His new book, “What You See At Sunrise” features both fiction and non fiction stories and is due for release late this Winter.

The politician tells stories he has experienced and others shared by people.

The book, which happens to be Mphande’s debut release, also covers Malawi’s 2019 nationwide demonstrations, whose effects can still be felt by both sides of the country’s longstanding political and economic divide.

In an interview with YONECO FM Online, Mphande said he was inspired to author the book by readers, who got captivated by his short pieces published on, a pan-African site.

Following his widespread online acclaim, the Blantyre based writer is yet to make a choice on who is to publish “What You See At Sunrise”.

“I have received offers from both local and international publishers ,so i am still weighing my options on who should get the work done,” he said.

Creatives have also pitched their art work for the books cover in a competition which has made trends on social media platforms.

“The response from creatives has been overwhelming ,they are putting in so much work into it though some covers are similar, I have seen some that are unique.”

Mphande is looking forward to readers enjoying the book saying everyone across the demographic divide will relate to it.

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