Rights group calls for disability inclusive response to Covid-19

The Human Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Malawi has appealed to authorities to devise ways of reaching out to persons with disabilities with awareness messages on Covid-19 pandemic.

The organization’s National Coordinator, Stella NKhonya told YFM Online that much as government is making strides in terms of awareness on the outbreak, it has been noted that more needs to be done on Covid-19 messaging.

According to NKhonya, authorities need to seriously work on how they can relay messages to do with the pandemic to persons disabilities in the country`s rural settings and in the streets.

“There is a challenge in follow of information to women and girls with disabilities on how they can protect themselves from the virus especially when sending messages.

“When sending messages, they need to be disability friendly and disability accessible at all level,” said Nkhonya.

HRWGD National Coordinator has also plead with the authorities and stakeholders in the Covid-19 fight to consider social protection measures to the vulnerable population in the community.

“Women and girls with disabilities live below the poverty line, now this virus wants us to sanitise and if such vulnerable population cannot afford soap, authorities should come in assisting such disabled women and girls,” said Nkhonya.

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