‘Vote for youth-centered leadership’ – Youth Decide

A youth led campaign group has asked the country`s majority young people to vote into power leaders that will deliver their aspirations after fresh presidential poll.

Speaking to YONECO FM, Youth Decide Campaign Team Leader Charles Kajoloweka emphasised on the need for the Presidential aspirants to endorse the youth manifesto if they are to amass young people`s votes.

“We would want these leaders to speak to the Nation Youth Manifesto, if they don’t speak to the Nation Youth Manifesto there is no reason for young people to vote for them and if they don’t endorse youth manifesto they don’t deserve any youth vote in this country,” vowed Kajoloweka.

According Youth Decide, young people need to play a major role in the forthcoming presidential polls by aligning themselves to candidates that will address issues that are affecting them.

“It is our strong desire to see political leaders contesting in this election endorsing the Nation Youth Manifesto where a number of fundamental developmental aspiration are highlighted,” said Kajoloweka.

Kajoloweka has expressed discontent over lack of young people`s engagements into various political agendas by the politicians.

“They cannot talk about developing young people in this country without speaking to the development aspiration of young people themselves,” he said.

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