Bishop Malasa on forced leave to pave way for audit

A task force which is lobbying for the resignation of embattled bishop for the Upper Shire Diocese of the Anglican Church, Brighton Vita Malasa, has confirmed that the church’s headquarters in England endorsed the decision to send the Bishop on forced leave.

A task force through its spokesperson, John Awadi, confirmed this during a press briefing held at St. George Parish in Zomba on Wednesday.

Church members have been calling for the resignation of Bishop Malasa following accusations that that he has been misappropriating funds for the church and employed the diocesan secretary without following proper procedure.

Awadi said Malasa was sent on forced leave to pave way for the audit which is currently under way by Graham Car auditing film.

Awadi said: “We are happy because all the grievances that we raised in the past have been addressed by the province secretariat who have sent bishop Malasa on forced leave until June to pave way for the audit which is currently under.

“If the audit will not be completed by the end of June then his leave shall be prolonged until the audit is completed.”

Meanwhile the diocese has replaced the Diocesan Secretary who was appointed by Bishop Malasa and the position is currently being held by Canon Opson Odala Jailosi on acting basis.

In the absence of Bishop Malasa, the diocese is being headed by Vicar General Reverend Canon Edward Kawinga.

The decision to send Bishop Malasa on leave was reached at the episcopal conference in Zambia in December and was attended by fifteen bishops.

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