Lilongwe City Council urges dwellers to wear face masks

Lilongwe City Council has advised the people in the city that effective Monday, May 2020, all vendors in the Central Market and other markets in Lilongwe will be required to out on face masks.

The Council`s Chief Executive Officer John Chome has told YFM that the measures have been put in place in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the City.

“We know that face masks are one on the preventive measures and we are encouraging the residents of Lilongwe to put on face masks especially when they are in public places such as markets, so to this end the Lilongwe City Council would like to see that vendors and buyers have put on masks in the markets,” said Chome.

According to Chome, the council is working together with tailors in the markets who will be making and selling the fabric masks.

“The City Council is working to encourage tailors in markets to make masks which they will be selling at the entrance gates for those who may come to markets without a mask,” he said.

The Council has also disclosed that, in collaboration with Lilongwe District Health Office, it is following up on over 500 suspected Covid-19 cases.

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