HRDC to drag Atupele to court over motorcade

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition – HRDC says it is seeking legal action over the conduct by President Peter Mutharika`s running mate Atupele Muluzi of using a government sponsored motorcade.

According to the coalition`s Chairperson Gift Trapence, the country`s laws do not provide such privilege for a presidential running mate to be using a convoy.

“We have raised our concerns with the use of convoy by Atupele Muluzi and we would him to stop using the convoy because that’s abusing our taxes which is unlawful,” said Trapence.

He added that is regrettable for a running mate to be enjoying privileges meant for the office of the vice president and abusing taxes.

“The laws of this country in terms of presidential privileges are very clear, the running mate does not follow that category, so he [Muluzi] should stop using the convoy, and he should stop abusing our taxes,” said Trapence.

The HRDC Chairperson has since threated to seek legal redress on the issue if the Democratic Progressive Party – DPP running mate continues with the trend.

“If he cannot stop, we will just go to court, we have already our instructed our lawyers.”

For the time being, government is yet to comment on the matter.

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