Bring back children to school! – NGO CCR

The NGO Coalition on Child Rights – NGO CCR has bemoaned increasing cases of child abuse due to closure of schools amid the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

NGO CCR Chairperson Desmond Mhango has journalists in Lilongwe that through their rapid assessment on effects of COVID-19 on children, it has been observed that children are facing various forms abuse including sexual abuse.

“In some districts, cases of child abuse have increased during the Covid-19 school holiday period; cases of incest and sexual abuse violence or gender are largely feared on the child and the girl child in particular,” said Mhango.

Speaking to YONECO FM, Mhango has appealed to authorities to consider reopening all schools in the country by next month.

“Due COVID-19 considerations should be considered for reopening all schools and colleges as soon as possible, at least by June 2020, unless Malawi invests in the children now, the future Malawi is of uncertain quality determined,” assumed Mhango.

The Network has also doubted the effectiveness of the emergency online learning, especially to students from poor background where both radio and internet are inaccessible.

“The government alternatives to child learning modes through the purported online or E-learning, radio and television learning is not effective to most less privileged children,” he said.

As of Wednesday, May 20, 2020, Malawi had registered 72 Covid-19 confirmed positive cases whilst 27 have recovered from the pandemic and 42 are active cases.

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