CFA Foundation rescues SRC children in Lilongwe

As one way of reaching out to needy children, a UK-based charity organisation CFA Foundation has donated blankets to kids residing at the Social Rehabilitation Center in Lilongwe.

According to the Foundation`s representative in the country Mansoor Ibrahim, the Foundation thought of making the donation after analysing different challenges that children living in the streets face in their day to day life.

“It’s not my first time doing this, I have been doing this for the past couple of months I found orphanage children living facing numerous challenges and that it’s important we rescue them from these encounters,” said Mansoor.

Ibrahim added that both the CFA Foundation and the country`s Asian business community in Lilongwe are committed in ensuring that the Center is supported.

“CFA Foundation together with the Asian business community we will be grateful to be giving the Center more as whatever we get, we will try level best to support this organisation,” said Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, Manager for the Social Rehabilitation Center Peter Magomero has expressed gratitude over the donation saying it will assist the children as they live at the Centre.

“I am really delighted to have the blankets for the children, you Mr. Ibrahim has been a friend of this Social Rehabilitation Center, he has been assisting us, so I am happy and we are really appreciative for his timely support,” said Magomero.

In addition, Magomero called upon stakeholders and individuals to support the Facility as demonstrated by Ibrahim.

“I am appealing to other well-wishers to assist us at the Center because we still lack so many things, I know this time of Coronavirus we are lacking so many things, we need to move the children from the street and some will be coming to the Center,” he said.

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