Network pleads for youth transformative budgetary allocation

The Youth Civil Society Network has asked Treasury to consider youth economic empowerment and participation as some of the critical areas when drafting the 2020/2021 National Budget.

The Network`s representative Edward Phiri told YONECO FM that the propositions to the youth sector budget allocation is line with the country`s National Youth Policy.

“Government should provide a framework that guides youth development and implementation of all youth programme that contribute to the improvement in the welfare of the youthful population in the country,” said Phiri.

According to Edward, there is need for the country`s young people to be accorded their full potential in order for them to contribute significantly to sustainable development.

“If properly prepared and tapped, the country`s youth can contribute positively to their personal and national development and if neglected, youth will be a missed opportunity,” reasoned Phiri.

The Programme Areas that the Network is advocating for are youth leadership and participation, youth economic empowerment, national youth service, education for youth, youth and science, technology and environment, youth health and nutrition and social services, sports, recreation and culture.

Meanwhile, Parliament is expected to meet on June 5 this year for the 2020/2021 Budget Session.

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