YONECO’s work on Covid-19 amazes government

Government has commended Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) for its critical role in providing information on Covid-19 pandemic to the masses.

Deputy Minister of Gender, Child Development and Community Development, Grace Kwelepeta, made the remarks after visiting YONECO offices in Zomba on Monday.

Kwelepeta told YONECO FM online that the ministry is appreciative of YONECO’s work in this time of crisis where women and children are susceptible to abuse.

“The data which we saw at YONECO’s ICT department has impressed us and we are happy that people would call on the toll free lines including 5600 and acquire information on Covid-19,” she said.

Kwelepeta also requested for updates and appraisals on all cases which the organization has handled to enable government in policy planning and implementation.

In his remarks YONECO’s Executive Director, MacBain Mkandawire, said the deputy minister’s visit was an opportunity to allow her to understand the how the organization is operating in upholding rights of children during the pandemic.

“We are encouraged by this visit because it shows that government appreciates our work.”

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