HRDC to hold vigils at Parliament

By Julius Caleone Mbewe

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition HRDC says it will lead a 3 million march and hold vigils at Parliament Building in Lilongwe from Wednesday this week.

HRDC Chairperson Gift Trapence told journalists in Lilongwe that the Coalition has opted to demonstrate to Parliament Building in order to force the lawmakers to prioritise the electoral bills.

According to Trapence, there are fears that if Malawi fails to hold fresh presidential election by July 3, the country will plunge into a Constitutional Crisis and the office of the President will be declared vacant.

“If we won’t have election, there is the possibility for a complete disruption of civic and political order after the 150 days elapse after July 2, 2020 and we won’t have a President,” cautioned Trapence.

The Coalition has also called for the resignation of MEC Chief Elections Officer; Sam Alfandika and all technical people at the Commission’s IT Department.

“We expect resignations from the remnant clingers-on at the MEC Secretariate including the CEO, Mr Alfandika, Muhabi Chisi, Henzily Mukhondiya following the ouster of Jane Ansah in order to bolster public trust in view of the next election,” said Trapence.

HRDC has since proposed for a Transition Government in an event that the country will not hold fresh presidential election by July 3 this year.

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