Chilango fights for women’s liberation through writing

A youthful budding poet is set to release a project aimed at bringing to light some of the hurdles women and girls face in their relationships and the society in general.

The project, known as ‘She’s Been Brave’ is expected to be released on June 15, 2020.

The youngster behind the initiative, Richard Chilango Jr. says the project is a milestone to break the silence on the challenges faced by the women and girls in particular.

Chilango said: “The whole idea of the project is to unearth real life challenges faced by women, for instance, a girl who is earnest with school but ends up falling pregnant”.

Chilango is optimistic that his pieces will liberate women who are facing various kinds of obstacles in the counrtry.

“I have six pieces that are women oriented and I am very much interested in quality other than quantity.

“The significance of poetry hinges on the change it influences thus to say a poet has the obligation to put a wrong situation under censorship and let the pen breathe,” said Chilango.

Chilango is also known to be a contributor of poetry in local newspapers.

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