APAM calls for more awareness on albinism

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has called on the media to assist in intensifying awareness messages towards the plight of persons with albinism.

The plea has been made as the country joins the global community to commemorate the International Albinism Awareness Day which falls on June 13.

APAM National Coordinator, Overstone Kondowe, has told YFM online that the day comes as an opportunity to reflect on the atrocities that persons with albinism are facing and change people’s mind-sets on superstitious beliefs toward persons with albinism.

Kondowe said: “This is a special day that was set aside to make sure that we are able to highlight challenges faced by persons with albinism across the globe and raise awareness so the public should know that a person with albinism is just like anybody else and their rights must be respected.”

He however said this year there will be no public gathering to mark the event, as per tradition, due to restrictions put in place by government to avoid transmission of COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year we had plans to commemorate the day in Mchinji district but it will not be possible considering the situation which we are in,” Kondowe highlighted.

The day was set aside by United Nations (UN) resolution in 2013.

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