Chakwera promises Malawi for all

Newly elected president of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has taken oath of office with a promise to deliver a better nation for all.

In his acceptance speech, Chakwera said his administration will take a decision move to fight corruption and impunity at all levels.

“So I pledge to run Malawi well, for that is the surest path to Tsogolo Labwino, a path that has long been in ruins, riddled with the potholes of greed and corruption.”

He also extended an olive branch to those who did not support his mission and has assured the public that his government will serve people from all manner of spectrum.

“This new Malawi is a home for you too, and so long as I am its President, it will be a home in which you too will prosper,” he said.

“I only ask you for one thing in return: To give Dr. Chilima and I a chance to earn your trust and make this win a win for all of us.”

Chakwera said the newly formed government will ensure good governance.

“With your help, we will restore a new generation’s faith in the possibility of having a government that serves, not a government that rules,” he said.

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