Consortium calls for youth inclusion

Youth Decide Campaign champions have urged government to consider putting young people in leadership positions when making appointments. 

The remarks were made during a meeting conducted in Mzuzu by different organisations under the Youth Decide Campaign consortium

Speaking to YFM, Young Politicians Union National Director Clement Makuwa said they want to see young people who are capable and under the age of 35 appointed in different positions.

“The constitution through the National Youth Policy clear states that a young person is the one who is below the age of 35 and we would like to see such capable young people being appointed in different ministerial positions, Parastatal bodies and any other government positions,” said Makuwa.

Commenting on the same, Executive Director for Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka who is also the team leader for the campaign, highlighted that they will be meeting the new leadership within the first 100 days to discuss implementation of the Youth Manifesto 2019- 2024 as agreed during the campaign.

The Youth Decide Campaign consortium compliances of different organizations working in uplifting lives of young people such as Youth and Society, Young Politicians Union, M-Hub just to mention a few.

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