SRCL organises 3rd online chess tournament

Southern Region Chess League (SRCL) has organized the third online chess tournament scheduled for Sunday, July 12, 2020.

SRCL Publicity Secretary, Wadza Otomani, said this would be the last online chess tournament organized with sponsorship from the two chess enthusiasts, Wasoka Chirwa and Dr. Godwin Ulaya.

The two individuals provided K200, 000 for the sponsorship of three online chess tournaments.

Otomani said: “The third online chess tournament will have the Open and Ladies’ Sections and a time control of 3+0.”

He further said registration fee for the tournament is K500 for league players and K1, 000 for players from other leagues.

The SRCL publicist has also expressed sincere gratitude to Mr. Wasoka Chirwa and Dr. Ulaya for sponsoring the tournaments.

However, Otomani expressed fear that the league would not be able to organize similar tournaments due to lack of sponsorship.

“We would like to appeal to individuals and organizations to sponsor our chess tournaments as it is not expensive particularly at this time when we are playing through online,” he said.

South Africa-based Malawian chess professional, Joseph Mwale, won the first two chess tournaments that were held on 7 and 21 June 2020, respectively.

SRCL is organizing online chess tournaments to observe social distancing and comply with restrictions on public gatherings following the outbreak of COVID-19.

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