350,000 people, companies apply for Voluntary Compliance Window

At least 350,000 people and companies have applied for the Voluntary Compliance Window by the Malawi Revenue Authority- MRA.

MRA’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Steve Kapoloma told YFM in interview when queried on the progress of the initiative since its commencement in April this year.

Kapoloma said that the figures clearly indicates that most people in the country shun away from paying taxes an unfortunate situation which hinges on the country’s socio-economic development.

“So far 350,000 people have applied for this window and some have already been processed and are in our stations, but we hope that the figures might change,” said Kapoloma.

By just looking at the figures alone we can easily tell that many people in the country do not comply to the taxation policy which puts us at an awkward position as it does not only affect revenue collection but the development as well.”

He however said that they will intensify awareness campaigns on the need for citizens and business communities to comply with the taxation policy.

MRA introduced the voluntary compliance window to among other things allows taxpayers with arrears and those who have not been tax compliant to settle their tax obligations without paying penalty, interest or any charges amid the economic challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative which started in April 2020 will run through October 31 this year.

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