HRDC satisfied with whistle blowing initiative

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it will submit its whistle blowing initiative final report to government by the end of July.

In June this year, HRDC introduced a whistle blowing initiative aimed at gathering reliable information from the public on any issues of maladministration and plunder of public funds that occurred under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

Speaking to YFM online, HRDC member, Reverend MacDonald Sembereka said meanwhile they have received an overwhelming response from the public and currently are in the process of documenting the information to come up with a final report.

Sembereka said: “Upon completion of documenting all the information we will undertake an assessment with our lawyers to see how we can handle the matter and eventually we will submit a comprehensive report to the government.”

He said among the cases HRDC received from the public include acts of corruption, tax evasion, questionable government contracts, and arbitrary arrests.

Sembereka further expressed satisfaction with overwhelming response from the public.

He also highlighted that this is an on-going initiative aimed at tackling government activities.

Different quarters have been accusing DPP led government for being involved in maladministration and plunder of public funds.

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